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Brake pressure switch
rdodger - 2/5/21 at 04:12 PM

Just a quick one

I am about to add a brake pressure switch. I expected it to have a thread that would bottom in the fitting like a brake pipe. It doesn't, though as you screw it in it goes tight and looks like a tapered thread.

So is it normal for it to be tapered thread and is it best practice to add some sort of sealer or not?


adithorp - 2/5/21 at 06:09 PM

Both taper and straight are available. It should seal on its own. You shouldn't use anything on it as (a) it can get in the pl8ne and cause issues (b) the switch earth's through the threads and it could insulate that.

rdodger - 2/5/21 at 06:14 PM

Ok thanks Adi