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FS: MNR VortX Bonnet
maximill666 - 20/1/12 at 02:41 PM

MNR VortX Bonnet in black for sale, fits the slightly older bodywork with the normal road nose

Has a few light scratches here & there, but no damage/cracks etc

Dont want much for it, just make me an offer if anyone is interested?

Must be collected.



doddy - 20/1/12 at 05:58 PM

hi intersted in your bonnet any chance of you going anywhere near south london in the near future as its a bit far to pick up

maximill666 - 20/1/12 at 09:59 PM


welderman - 20/1/12 at 10:02 PM

Bugger just seen this

maximill666 - 20/1/12 at 11:30 PM

Originally posted by welderman
Bugger just seen this

Sorry Joe