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Pair Of Blue TRS 2" Harnesses for sale
Edwardo - 26/4/21 at 06:56 PM

As per title - Car is going yellow on rebuild so the blue TRS harnesses that came fitted to it are now for sale.

65 posted Uk mainland with Myhermes :-

jps - 26/4/21 at 07:37 PM

I am interested but have a couple of questions:
These look to be ones which bolt in - rather than clip onto an eye bolt. If i've got that right, what size bolts do they need? (I have 7/16 fittings in my car, but I know there's a metric size available too)

And do you pull those lap straps UP to tighten then - i.e. towards the centre of the body, or down - i.e. towards the end where they are bolted?

Edwardo - 26/4/21 at 09:00 PM

Hi - Holes in connection points are 11.25mm so would be for 7/16" bolts.

The straps pull in towards the center of the body to tighten.


jps - 27/4/21 at 12:37 PM

Hi Tony - thanks. Sounds like they are what I need (I have a similar set from Car Builder Solutions, but am concerned the lapbelts don't tighten with one hand, so I might fail IVA on that point...).

Did these straps go through an IVA?

Edwardo - 27/4/21 at 01:11 PM

When the car was SVA'd in 2002 it had some horrible short thick padded green seats and yellow belts from the pictures I've found.

The colour change to blue happened some time after 2013, so that would have been when the harnesses got swapped out for these ones.

I can't see any dates on them though - but I'm sure loads of people go through IVA with TRS belts.


Edwardo - 28/4/21 at 06:45 PM

Provisionally Sold To JPS

Please find pics below for the info about the strap lengths :-

Cable ties are still on where previous owner tied them out of the way - but the full strap length is there if required.