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p clips and nuts and bolts
bigwill64 - 28/4/21 at 07:22 PM

after a shortlived stint at self employment i have excess new stock of p clips (rubber lined) in various sizes i think from 10mm to 29mm and a huge amount of m6 bolts again in various sizes from 15mm to 25/30 mm with washers and nyloc nuts .can sell p clips in batches of 10 at realistic prices less than ebay .any interest let me know.

wowblaauw - 28/4/21 at 10:00 PM

Hi, please pm me what you have so I can make an offer for what you have.

Partofthechaos - 29/4/21 at 06:45 AM

I'd be interested in the P clips if you still have them?

bigwill64 - 3/5/21 at 07:36 PM

have checked and there are different sizes in bag upto 57mm .bolts are 15mm,20mm,25mm stainless washers and stainless nyloc nuts & steel nuts,