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Mnr Reverse box
mr T - 8/8/13 at 08:36 PM

Has anyone had any problems with there mnr reverse box just been for a blat went to put it in reverse and it worked fine pushed the lever down went to set of and northing put the lever up and down a few times and eventually it worked, also donít no if this is related or its the clutch slipping but came home on the motorway put my foot down at speed in sixth and it felt like it spun the wheels up for a second the clutch feels the same and pulls away the same

mr T - 8/8/13 at 09:04 PM

Just had a thought if the clutch is dragging a bit and thereís tension in the drive train would this stop the reveres box from going back in gear its very stiff to lift the lever when the engine is in gear and the clutch is down when I put it in first to set of it clunks into gear as if it wants to move forward

renetom - 9/8/13 at 06:40 AM

sound like clutch to me
But could also be the MNR box
good luck

big_l - 6/9/13 at 07:30 PM

maybe try lovering the tick over my car jumps into first if i have the tick over any higher than 1300rpm