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Sausage Filter - Best Buy ?
wombat - 21/1/16 at 06:06 PM

Looking to purchase a filter for my 2.0 Silvertop running Suzuki GSXR600 TBs.
See people are running Pipercross or ITG generally, which is better and and where is the best deal please?
Will need to pass IVA (hopefully later this year)

Dopdog - 21/1/16 at 06:52 PM

ITG all day long, but this is only my view.

lewis - 21/1/16 at 07:33 PM

MK stock them for a pretty good price I think.

dhutch - 22/1/16 at 07:16 PM

Originally posted by lewis
MK stock them for a pretty good price I think.

I will have to have a look, I have got 7 years out of my ITG (rigid type) but now after a number of carb-fires its looking worse for wear and close to holing!


danny keenan - 22/1/16 at 07:23 PM


Yes I have them in stock could get oune out Monday.if you drop me an email il give you a little discount

Thanks Danny

dhutch - 22/1/16 at 07:47 PM

This is what I used last time in 65mm depth: