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Varley Redtop 20 or Odyssey PC680 Battery ????
sammini7 - 10/5/20 at 05:18 PM

Hi Guys,

Getting close to cranking my engine over now and I am looking into a suitable battery choice, I have narrowed it down to a Varley redtop 20 or Odyssey PC680 Battery. Any advise or experience or running either battery?

Thanks in advance


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perksy - 10/5/20 at 05:35 PM

I ran a PC680 on a 220bhp XE with no problems

You'll probably already know though that these batteries don't like being discharged completely too many times as they struggle to recover
I had a battery kill switch on mine for when the car was sat in the garage for any length of time and used a trickle charger for the winter lay up)

Mike Wood - 10/5/20 at 06:09 PM

Looks like they are made by the same manufacturer (DMS Technologies); comparison of specs:


02GF74 - 10/5/20 at 06:14 PM

An alternative, Tanya batteries

Virtually identical size, more oompf but bolts different size.

Check them in ebay as it was cheaper on there than buying direct.

Xtreme Racing Series XR-600 AGM Battery 26Ah 600A 1 61.99
P&P 7.98
TOTAL 69.97

sammini7 - 10/5/20 at 09:15 PM

Thankyou for all your help.. purchased a Odyssey after some significant brow scratching and the very useful input