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Car builder solutions electronic Speedo drive
Nile_rt - 4/5/21 at 11:26 AM

Hi. I have one of these fitted to a type 9 with but it doesn't seem to work with my old AST speedo.

Is anyone else using this sensor? and what speedo do you have? I'm pretty sure I'll need a new speedo but i want to get one that works with this sensor if possible.


Schrodinger - 4/5/21 at 04:00 PM

Try ETB ask them if it will work with their speedos
01702 601055

nick205 - 5/5/21 at 10:06 AM

I used ETB instruments for my Pinto engined MK Indy. I used their magnets glued to the diff input flange and fabricated a bracket to hold their sensor in place. They helped me sort the calibration over the phone as well. Awesome people to deal with.

Nile_rt - 5/5/21 at 11:32 AM

Thank you both. Etb have confirmed that their speedo and vdo speedo should work with the cbs sensor.