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Le Mans 2017
yogibear1969 - 25/11/16 at 10:45 AM

Starting to get this together a bit earlier than last year...but Le Mans 2017 will soon be here, and althoug the place will be strange without Audi and the everywhere branding I am certains as ever that it will be a fantastic year! I will nail my colours to the mast and hope that Toyota can last 5 minutes longer this year!
OK, ignore plan a as it seems newhaven-dieppe is no longer the bargain it was, so I wioll be going dover-calais.
So breif details below:-
Weds 14th June 2017.
Plan a. Newhaven-Dieppe ferry with cabin - sailing approx. 2300 arr. approx 0400.
Plan b. Dover-calais approx 1500 then to nuefchatel campsite overnight.
Thurs 15th.
Drive to Spay campsite with Lunch stop tba depending on plan a or b!
Try to catch both evening sessions of final quailifying but entirely up to you.
Friday 16th.
Free day on track, various options - Pit Walk, track drive/walk. on track shows etc, evening either dinner out or at camp!
Le 24 Hueres du mans!
Monday 19th June
Plan a. Dieppe-Newhaven - dep approx 1800 arrive approx 2300.
Plan b. Calais-Dover dep approx. 1800.
Those not been before:-
We stay at Spay campsite which a nice quiet campsite with reasonalbe facilities BUT great company, we usually get taken under the wing our longstanding friends from the land of cheese! (Holland!) The site is about 15 minutes dribe from the car parks....with no traffic....
Cost. Keeps creeping up with increased ferry costs and bad exchange rates but I hope to do for about 350 per car based on 2 per car. Unitl I start researching ferry costs I won't know this figure for sure but I will hope to have some details by the end of the week.
The above costs includes: Ferry/Race Tickets (GE) and Car Park (Rouge?)/Campsites. All you need to do is fuel your car and yourself!
Any takers? I will need a 50 deposit per person to confirm your place before I book your ferry!
Please ask any questions,
PS. Apologies if you get this 'ad' a few times as I send it to all the JPSC related forums but feel free to share it!

AndyW - 25/11/16 at 02:38 PM

Which operator do you book through?

yogibear1969 - 25/11/16 at 03:49 PM

Do it all myself! Keeps costs down then!

russbost - 30/11/16 at 09:26 AM

I travelled with Edd & his group last year, not going in 2017, but that has nothing to do with Edd's organisation, more the fact that I tend to vary what I do year on year, rarely returning to the same things each year.

Edd's organisation was great, he is a totally trustworthy guy to deal with, have no worries, he's not going to disappear with your readies - he's been organising these trips for years. Good overnight site at Neufchatel en Bray, with a nice & reasonably priced on site restaurant for the evening meal

Only thing I would say, is that if you're going to travel with the group ensure your car is both pretty quick & reliable, they don't have loads of time built in for you to rebuild your car en route! & they won't wait for stragglers! Sensible stops for food, comfort & fuel are however built in & communication was generally good within the group

At Spay we camped with the Dutch (an experience in itself) who invited us along to a great hog roast on the Friday evening, 10 Euros & all you could eat + as many beers as you could disappear - bargain!

Spay itself is a reasonable site, decent loos & showers - not stupid, massive queues like some of the in circuit sites, my main criticism of the site is that being a few miles out you have the aggro of getting into the circuit both Sat & Sun &, if you have a car like mine - somewhat open to abuse - I wasn't overly happy to leave it in the circuit car parks (got a lift in a tintop on Sun), but it was actually fine

It's one of the cheapest ways you could do Le Mans, & many thanks to Edd for sorting out all the details for a great break, good company, good food, plenty of alcohol, what more could you want!

Shame he didn't organise better weather for the return journey tho'!

yogibear1969 - 30/11/16 at 06:59 PM

Thanks for those kind words Russ.

russbost - 30/11/16 at 07:03 PM

No probs Edd, but I'm never forgiving you for the B awful weather on the return trip, that definitely wasn't a lot of fun!!!

Have a better chat with the weather gods next time!

yogibear1969 - 21/1/17 at 04:17 PM

Hi All,
Just a final call for anyone still thinking about Le Mans. Ferries are booked for those already booked, but happy to take more!
More details just ask.

yogibear1969 - 1/3/17 at 05:38 PM

Going to order race tickets and parking next week. so final last call!

snapper - 1/3/17 at 08:16 PM

Ed, as you know I had to take the Fiesta ST last year, I'll never forget you looking at the car, going round the back to see the ST badge and saying "you should be able to keep up"
My mission this year after the 7 let me down is to get it sorted and then work on the Fisher Fury I have just acquired and go next year in whatever works.
Last year was a blast and such good value.