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Le Mans 2022
yogibear1969 - 16/11/21 at 10:07 AM

Hi All,

We WILL be going back to La Sarthe next year! Just the annual email seeing if anyone wants to join the regulars! As past people will confirm it's a great trip, great company with the greatest race thrown in for good measure!

I am happy to book everything, or as much or as little as you'd like! Ferries/Camping/Race Tickets!

James wanted to make it a long trip this year and we have already booked our crossing as we have the credit sat with DFDS and wanted to use it.
We are heading Newhaven-Dieppe Tuesday evening about 2300 hours and coming back from Dieppe 0200 (I think) Tuesday.

You are very welcome, in fact encouraged to join those crossings as it's much better to travel together, but I am aware they are both early and antisocial timings! So am happy to book whatever times/crossings you would like. It would be nice to keep as many people together as possible for a great convoy across France!

Camping - we stay at a campsite in Spay, about 15 minutes from the circuit (if no traffic lol!) with a great bunch of Dutch and other nationalities who really look after everyone!

So, Let me know your thoughts/questions and what ferries/options you may like? Would be nice to get some convoys together?

Obviously, a bit early for bookings yet, but Christmas will soon be upon us! Only thing I will add is the ferry prices seems higher this year; like everything I guess!

Looking forward to hearing from some of you shortly,



ttalps2000 - 18/11/21 at 03:46 PM

What are the rough costs and the dates please?

yogibear1969 - 18/11/21 at 04:38 PM


Weekend race dates are Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June 2022.

James and I are travelling Tuesday 7th June at 2300 and returning Late Monday/Early Tuesday 13t/14th June.

I am hoping to get people on the same ferries and I understand the ferry James and I are on next year won't work for most people so happy to book whatever works for them. We used to travel Weds to Monday, arriving at camp Thursday afternoon ready for the evening track action and then break camp Monday morning ready for a dash to the ports!

I am also happy for you to book own crossings if feel that works better...but normally there is some benefit to buy tickets together and share the ACO discount, but this is getting less and less each year as the ACO change the rules!

We will all be at the same campsite camped together with annual friends from Holland, France and the UK!

Cost? We use to be able to do 300 per car based on 2 per car including ferries/camping and race tickets/parking. I suspect that's getting closer to 400 per car with inflation and other costs over the last few years...That's still a bargain weekend as all you have to do after that is feed yourself and the car!


nick205 - 19/11/21 at 09:47 AM

No place for me thanks, but have to gree, Le Mans is an awesome trip

The friendliness of fellow campers all there for the same event is unparalleled in my experience.

I went with 2 brother-in-laws a few years back. The final night we were camped there we ran out of beer. Our German camp neighbours kept us going with beer, fed us and even sung to us

I should add they spoke excellent English too.

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ttalps2000 - 19/11/21 at 02:53 PM

Thanks Edd. Will have a think and look at ferries too.

DanP - 15/1/22 at 11:51 AM

Hi Gents,

Out of interest, any spaces left?


yogibear1969 - 15/1/22 at 10:46 PM

Yes of course, DM me, but basically just need details, if you want me to book a crossing/tickets/camping etc
3, I think are on Tuesday night from Newhaven, but it's up to you, always nice to be together but not always possibly especially as that's quite an early ferry.