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Sylva Leader moulds and jigs & production rights
yogibear1969 - 9/6/24 at 09:19 PM

Copied from the JPSC forum, would be ahuge shame to lose another car and set of moulds!

Hello all,
I have had the Leader Sportscars Ltd company since the mid 90's but have never really done anything with it other than produce parts for my own cars. However I am now moving from Gloucestershire (GL13 nr Dursley) to Herefordshire and the new house won't have the space for everything, so I am having to get rid of it all - so if anybody on here wants it in it's entirety ( I will not split it up) then please contact me at
I have the company name (which could be dissolved if wanted), all the jigs, bodywork moulds, all the original blueprints and some stock items, all of which would require a large Luton type van to move them in.
Please let me know if you are interested. If not then I will list it all on ebay.



yogibear1969 - 11/6/24 at 07:15 AM

I forgot to add that if the project goes to a JPSC member as it's next custodian, then I will not be looking for any money for it.