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Does anyone recognise this kitchen
russbost - 1/5/21 at 10:48 AM

My daughter has recently moved into a new (old) house & would like to add some units to the kitchen, but can't find anything on doors or carcases to identify the supplier.

Does anyone happen to recognise the units & know if this is still a current range?

[img] Kitchen 1
Kitchen 1

[img] Kitchen 2
Kitchen 2

Thanks in advance, Russ

PAUL FISHER - 1/5/21 at 01:33 PM

Yes Russ, it's the same as mine, B&Q Chilton gloss white, fitted mine in 2004 so I am surprised that they still stock it, super cheap now, here you go.

russbost - 2/5/21 at 04:16 PM

Hmm, looks like they've just missed their chance, that's coming up on clearance, but showing no availability, if I search Chilton it gets no returns

PAUL FISHER - 2/5/21 at 06:51 PM

Some on gumtree used?

nick205 - 3/5/21 at 07:47 AM


If you have trouble sourcing the doors you can try

Who make doors to order.

Just replaced my kitchen cupboard doors using them. Excellent service and help and it cost me roughly 40 / door.

They don't sell the actual cupboards, but there's loads of places that do. I used Howdens (don't be put off by Howdens "trade only" faff, walk in and ask at the counter and they'll sell them to you.

nick205 - 3/5/21 at 07:50 AM


Sorry can't upload a photo of my kitchen to show you.

russbost - 3/5/21 at 08:54 AM

Thanks for the info guys!

bi22le - 3/5/21 at 08:04 PM

This place never stops amazing me.

Now we specialise in kitchen doors 😂

nick205 - 4/5/21 at 09:05 AM

Russ - managed to get a photo up...

Supplied me the grey doors, the kick-board base and the trim to hide the wall cabinet lights.

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nick205 - 4/5/21 at 09:11 AM

Originally posted by bi22le
This place never stops amazing me.

Now we specialise in kitchen doors 😂

Having built and sold my car some years back it's the wide range of knowledge and help like this that keeps me on this site