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Diy home design software recommendations.
tegwin - 21/5/21 at 08:14 PM

Iím looking to tear down and extend my house and Iíd like to draw what I want and experiment with layouts before I employ an architect to actually do the detail. Figured itís easier if I go to them with sketches showing exactly what I want.

I canít draw with my hands for toffeeÖ. I can see what I want to draw in my head but canít get it on paper.

Anyone have recommendations for fairly simple home design software packages that donít cost the earth or require a PhD to operate?!

James - 21/5/21 at 08:35 PM

Google Sketchup? It's free.

My other half used it to do our electrical plans when we re-wired.

Still useful today for tracing wires!

Simon - 21/5/21 at 09:19 PM

I did a 3d Sketchup of the house and the plot of land so I could show before and after impact. Once done, you can move around for different views and print them off.

HowardB - 22/5/21 at 06:57 AM

Try homebyme really easy to use, produces great results and is free.

I have used it to visualise changes to layout