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Author: Subject: V8 engine part rebuild and sale

posted on 7/2/11 at 08:59 PM Reply With Quote
V8 engine part rebuild and sale

About a year ago when I got my Viento kit, the guys at Luego threw in a Rover V8 3.5l engine as part of the deal. This had been in the garage since they took over from the previous owners and I got it on a 'sold' as seen basis because they wanted rid of it. Over the last year I've made some good, but slow, progress with the build (Pics to be loaded soon) but recently bought a BMW 2.8 straight 6 to use instead of the V8 .

Before putting the V8 on e-bay to sell, I thought that I would take a closer look and took it to bits last weekend. It turns out that the old owners must have started to recondition the engine as its as clean as new inside and has a new camshaft and hydraulic tappets, valley gasket etc. (the engine has never been run with them in)

My question is - does anyone know anything more about this engine and what else has been done to it? I did not get as far as taking the cylinder heads off as I did not want to ruin the gaskets. I'm going to put it on e-bay after I'm back from half term holidays at the end of the month together with the ECU and an LT77 box and bellhousing that also looks in good condition.

No idea of the value, but new V8 camshaft sets cost 375 from RPI engineering.

Any advice or thoughts on value would be appreciated. I guess that an option would be to sell the new bits separate?

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Big Stu

posted on 7/2/11 at 11:17 PM Reply With Quote
Don't know anything about your specific engine however I have rebuilt a few of them and I am currently using a 3.9 in my tomcat. The fuel injection equipment if hot-wire type would be worth about 200 including the ecu. If it is the older style flapper air flow meter then probably about half that. Do you know the make and model of the cam. There were not many 3.5 engines fitted with the fuel injection as they changed it to 3.9 shortly after launching. The 14cux ecu is more desirable than the 14cu.
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posted on 8/2/11 at 09:04 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks, I'll have a look - I didn't take the cam out first time around, but I might go back and do that as I have been told that the code is on the end and cannot be seen without removal. This will also allow me to see if the timing chain is new. The engine code is 24D01846A which according to listings on the web is a Range Rover with a CR of 9.35:1. The ECU is the 14CU type.
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