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Author: Subject: OT Help with Skoda fabia aircon problem?

posted on 29/6/13 at 10:01 PM Reply With Quote
OT Help with Skoda fabia aircon problem?

Hoping someone may be able to help. I recently got my daughter a 2002 Skoda Fabia 1.4 16V with air con... but the air con button doesn't seem to do anything except light up

Engine on, fan on, a/c button on, but there is no change in engine revs/sound when the button is switched on, and no cooling of the air. I have searched online but found nothing definitive.

Checked the a/c fuse - it's OK

Regas? coud try, but the lack of change in revs/sound seems to me to indicate that the motor/punp is not working

I read somewhere that the solenoid could need to be tapped to activate it, but I don't knw where that is.

Someone else said reset the ECU, but it didn't seem to be definitive

So - anyone come across this before and got any pointers?

Or access to a Haynes/workshop manual and could post up a pic of where the solenoid, comporessor, etc. are?

Thanks in advance


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posted on 29/6/13 at 10:09 PM Reply With Quote
If the gas is below working pressure I dont think the motor would kick it anyway.

If it is low gas, depending on how long its been none working the seals in the system may have gone, as the gas has oil in it which helps keep it sealed, hence why it is recommended to run it every couple of weeks, even in winter.

Might be worth checking round all the pipe work to see if there is any obvious leak, but if its just been sold then it may have been cleaned off.

Any regassing company I believe is supposed to leak check it before refilling, and some use to do an offer where it if doesnt work after regas you dont get charged.

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posted on 29/6/13 at 10:10 PM Reply With Quote
I found that if there is no gas or the level is really low then the compressor won't work. Some sort of pressure switch I guess. Re-gas did the trick.
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Mr Whippy

posted on 29/6/13 at 10:17 PM Reply With Quote
If you press the button the electric clutch should come on and you'll see the Center of the pulley now spinning. Halfords sell those air con fill up cylinders
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posted on 30/6/13 at 06:39 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks for those replies... where is the pulley that I am supposed to be looking at? If it's where I think it is (below the alternator connected via the grooved belt), the the centre nt is spinning already.

A pic or scan of a Haynes page would be helpful, please...


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mark chandler

posted on 30/6/13 at 07:27 AM Reply With Quote
As above, low gas and the clutch will not engage on old systems, however my mate has a newish golf and the pump spins full time, certainly from an external viewpoint.

I would be naughty and engine off unscrew one of the refill caps and depress the valve very quickly, rag over the top to stop gas/fluid going every where.

If you get a decent psssht, this should be at 50psi then you have gas, a weedy squirt and it needs more gas so pop down to halfords.

If you get nothing then you probably have a leak so will need to get tested properly, all systems lose gas over time as it leaches out the rubber tubes and seals, an 11 year old car will have needed a top up at some point.

Regards Mark

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posted on 30/6/13 at 07:46 AM Reply With Quote
It is most likely needing gas which could either be due to a leak or the pipe work being opened up when a major mechanical or bodywork repair or it could just be a slow leak due ageing seals and o rings or a major leak due to corrosion of the condenser. The other common fault is the clutch on the compressor not engaging due to electrical or mechanical issues.

If the system is doing anything at all the Low pressure (bigger bore) metal pipes under the bonnet will be cooler than the smaller bore High pressure pipe.

The in service check for gas in the system is done by putting a special pressure gauge on the Schrader valve on the low pressure side of the system, which should show about 25 to 30 psi with the engine on and AC on full blast. I have one of these and find it very useful.

Interdynamics EZ CHILL R-134a Auto Air Conditioning A/C Gauge | eBay


alternative cheaper type
Air Conditioning Check Gauge For Car &' Home Systems R12 R22 &' R134a Bargin Price | eBay

The professionals are now required by EU law low pressure test the system if any significant pressure loss is found
Due to the same law small top-up cans have increased in price greatly and if your system needs a significant top-up then I would advise the cheapest and most effective route is getting the system professionally pumped out, pressure tested and vacuum filled.

If you do want to use top-up cans if you search hard enough you can find cans of R134a on ebay at decent price you will also need a connecting hose (ebay again) if you do buy the type with brass fittings.


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rusty nuts

posted on 30/6/13 at 07:49 AM Reply With Quote
Probably due to low gas pressure not operating the pressure switch but it might be worth checking that the compressor has power when switched on, if it has it's likely to be a faulty AC clutch
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posted on 30/6/13 at 06:34 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks, guys, I'll get it checked out... I just realised that with the car we got a 3 month warranty (independent of the dealer) which includes a contribution to aircon regassing []
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