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Author: Subject: Spray can paint advice

posted on 31/3/14 at 08:15 PM Reply With Quote
Spray can paint advice

Hey guys,

Second spray can paint advice thread today. Last one for a while I promise

I have a few motorbike bits that I need to spray. Ive got the paint to do the engine bits. But need some good paint to do the non high temp bits.

Mainly it will be things like the frame, swing arm, forks and wheels. They'll all be getting the black treatment.

Its my first bike rebuild and I want to do a proper job and have it last, so after some advice on some good black spray paint. Is the stuff you can pick up from halfords any good, or should I be looking elsewhere?


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posted on 31/3/14 at 08:25 PM Reply With Quote
I went to a proper paint place and they mixed me some up in a can bit cheaper and better paint. also I could choose the paint code like I would with 2k.


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posted on 31/3/14 at 08:32 PM Reply With Quote
I'm using plastikote on my bike rebuild. Seems good so far but can't comment on longevitiy but I can get it from local diy place for less than halfords paint.

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posted on 31/3/14 at 08:44 PM Reply With Quote
I've used Halfords stuff, and thought it was ok until I got a pack from these guys;

They do a three pack of primer, top coat and clear coat, it's just so easy to apply and matches really well. They are also on Ebay, I can't remember whether they're cheaper on there.

Swing arms can be a pain though, especially if you use a paddock stand without bobbins. I did mine with a matt black brush paint, and it seemed quite tough until I chipped it on the stand.

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posted on 31/3/14 at 08:48 PM Reply With Quote
For black paint i use Halfords its the best paint i have used [ Thats black not other colours ]

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posted on 1/4/14 at 06:53 AM Reply With Quote
Cheers guys,

will have a look in halfords later tonight to see what options they have. Will have a look at a few online suppliers as well

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