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Author: Subject: FS - 2011 MK Indy R – Holeshot Racing Stage 3+ Hayabusa Turbo

posted on 26/10/14 at 07:33 PM Reply With Quote
FS - 2011 MK Indy R – Holeshot Racing Stage 3+ Hayabusa Turbo

Price - POA, if you are seriously interested please contact me.

Pictures of various stages of the build are here:

For Sale is my MK Indy R Hayabusa Turbo. After 3 years of constant tinkering and refinement it is time for me to make my move in to Circuit Racing in 2016, Giving me a year to sell and buy/build a new one.

The car as the spec you see now is hugely different to how it was, I hate to know how much money it owes me, in fact I think the other half would leave me if she found out the true cost! The car has covered only 1564 Miles since new, when the new dash was fitted in spring 2014 the mileage was transferred from the clocks to this display.

I have owned this car since December 2011, buying it directly from MK as a used car. Over the winter of 2011, the car was stripped and had a full nut and bolt rebuild to ensure it was up to my standard. I made a long list of upgrades I wished to do to it over the coming years and drove it for the season of 2012 faultlessly, with a mixture of Sunday drives/track days.

Over the winter of 2012 the engine was sent back to Holeshot Racing for a condition check and refresh. It was not required but due to me wanting to have everything checked I sent it away. Nothing was found wrong, and as part of the refresh all piston rings were changed, gaskets replaced, valve stem seals replaced and head clearances checked. Whilst the engine was away, I had the Viscous LSD removed and a custom spec’d plate type LSD built for my application. Fire extinguisher was fitted and harnesses changed to FIA spec.

2013 Season was much the same as 2012, mixed driving of track and road, towards the end of the year the engine started to develop smoke on start only after being hot. This was traced down to a worn cylinder head guide and planned to be replaced over the winter.

Winter of 2013 was when the car underwent I massive change, after saving and building a huge pile of parts. The front half of the chassis was stripped back to bare metal where all welds were inspected. The front bulkhead was replaced and supports made to make way for the adjustable pedal box and new steering column. The chassis was then treated, primed and re painted using POR15 two step paint.
The pedal box was fitted with new steering column too, new braided brake lines fitted throughout and front wishbones removed, stripped, zinc primed and then re-powder coated.
Whilst the engine was removed, the head was stripped, all valve guides replaced and re sealed, finally rebuilt and engine installed back in to the car.
The wiring was then addressed and minimalized. The dashboard was removed, everything replaced and re-wired. Race technology Dash 2 was fitted with an ECU interface. Bulkhead connections were installed making it easy to remove the dashboard as one complete unit.
The car was then fully rebuilt and sent for remapping in March 2014, where the power curve was smoothed out and made far less aggressive. We concentrated on making the power delivery smooth, which ultimately led to the car being more far more drivable.

2014 started with a full geometry setup and corner weighting to myself, what a difference this has made, but sadly I had limited mileage this year due to a gearbox failure mid year caused by a circlip. This caused a large amount of damage to the gears. The engine was removed and I fitted a complete Quaife HD gearbox that RPE use in their Radical engines, I believe this is one of the only engines outside a radical that has this fitted. This allows the top speed of the car to reach 142 mph. The difference in gear changes are very noticeable, quick, and accurate. After this I completed another two track days and the car didn’t miss a beat, I would say it drove the best I have ever had it but in the whole year I have completed no more than 350 miles.

The great thing about this car is that it is still road legal. At the moment as you can imagine with the weather changing, the car is currently SORN as it is now what I class as the winter (always comes off the road end of October) It will be due its first MOT shortly, which I planned to leave until the spring next year to bring it in line with putting it back on the road. Having the car MOT’ed can be discussed with the buyer, depending on your application.
I will not allow any test pilots, so please do not ask for a test drive. It is likely you will not be insured to do so anyway. I can (within reason) bring it to a track day that you may be attending to show you there.

This car is possibly the highest power/spec MK around today. If you by this car, you are not doing it for the looks but more for the engineering and performance this car will produce. The car is noticeably quicker than an Atom 3, and for this asking price is a fraction of the cost. I have the receipt of the original engine bill, totaling just under £17.5K, so you can appreciate the asking price. This is not your average garage built turbo setup, but a designed, tested and proven Drag Racing engine fitted to a car. Built by one of the most known bike engine turbo specialists in Europe. The car has been tailored to suit this application, drive train, brakes and chassis set up to make this an enjoyable car to drive.

Not one person that has had the chance to drive this or be a passenger has gout out of the car with anything less than a huge smile on their face. And I hope the next owner can continue that!

The Spec is as follows:

2011 MK Indy R – Holeshot Racing Stage 3+ Hayabusa Turbo, 413bhp, 243Ft/lb

Holeshot Racing Stage 3+ 1340cc Generation 2 Hayabusa
Engine Inspection/Refresh Nov 2012, New Valve Guides Jan 14, Genuine Suzuki parts used.
CP Turbo Pistons (Re-ringed @ Engine Refresh Nov 2012)
Carrillio Con-Rods
Knife Edged/Balanced Crank/Generator
Balancer gear removed
Ported/gas flowed Cylinder head.
APE Adjustable cam Sprockets (Checked/Set Jan 2014)
APE SS Valves, (Re-cut and lapped Jan 2014)
APE Short Stem Valve Guides/seals (Fitted Jan 2014)
12mm Cylinder head bolt conversion
Cometic Gaskets used throughout engine.
Owen Developments/Garrett GT30-76R Ball Bearing Turbo
Turbosmart E Boost 2 controller, 4 boost stages (Settings from 300bhp to 413bhp) switchable from dashboard.
Turbosmart External Wastegate
Bosch high pressure Fuel Pump
Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator
SBD Dry Sump system, Aeroquip hoses throughout.
Pace Oil Tank
16 Row Setrab oil cooler
Mocal 80c Oilstat
Davies Craig High Flow Electronic Water pump.
Alloy Racing Fabrications Radiators
External water thermostat
5L Water Cooled Chargecooler system, Front mount radiator, Davis Craig waterpump.

Quaife Superfinished 3 dog HD sequential gearbox (Uprated output shaft W/Radical 5/6th Gears) – Fitted July 2014
Flatshifter “expert” Gear shift Kit, clutch-less upshifts and Auto blipper for downshifts.
MPS single stage lock up clutch
Genuine Suzuki clutch plates (Replaced August 2013)
APE Billet clutch Centre, back torque eliminator removed.
Barnett clutch springs fitted.
SBD Hydraulic clutch
TRT Propshaft
Sierra 7in 3.14 Differential (Refreshed Sept 2013)
3J Driveline adjustable plate type LSD
Sierra Cosworth 2WD Driveshafts/Hubs (CV Joints Replaced Sept 2014)
Compomitive 13” CXR wheels
Avon CR500 Tyres 205mm front, 245mm Rear
Michelin FR2010 slicks (currently fitted)

Inboard, Pushrod Front Suspension
Protech Double adjustable shocks, valved and balanced.
Fully Rosejointed wishbones
Corner weighted and full geometry set up (Dave Gallop @ Track Developments Castle Coombe May 2014)
Sierra “quick” Steering Rack.
MK Indy RR Steering column
FIA Approved Steering wheel/Quick release Hub.
580Kg Wet weight.

Tilton Adjustable Aluminum Pedalbox
Tilton Master cylinders
Adjustable brake bias control on dashboard
Braided Brake lines throughout car
Willwood Powerlite front calipers, Polymatyrix A pads.
Sierra Cosworth handbrake rear calipers, Mintex 1144 Pads

MBE 9A8 ECU, (Mapping performed by Dan Turner @ Advanced Motorsport & Engineering)
Race Technology Dash 2 display
CAN Data link from Dash 2 to MBE ECU, Data logging compatible
E-Boost 2 in dash controller
Boost control aluminum switches on dashboard
Geartronics Gear Position Indicator
“Savage” Billet Pushbutton switches on Dashboard, pushbutton Ignition and Engine Start
Battery Monitor/Trickle charge system fitted.
Helmet mounted intercom system, parts will be removed from helmets and supplied.

Indy R Blue Fiberglass bodywork.
Wide Front end, side exit wings
Nose Scoop for oil cooler
Fully enclosed Removable engine bay “flat floor”
Carbon Fibre “CSR” front cycle wings
Carbon Fibre Dashboard
Wide fiberglass Rear Arches
Rear fiberglass Diffuser

MK Indy R Full Roll Cage W/Arm Bars
Fully Plumbed in FIA Approved Fire Extinguisher system (Due Service March 2015), Internal/External pull handles.
FIA approved isolator, External Power Kill handle,
Scroth 4 Point ASM/HANS Harnesses – Expire 2017.

Current Performance:
18Psi Boost used (will boost to 27psi – 550bhp with new injectors)
413hp @ 9670rpm
243Lb/Ft @ 8260rpm
Power Measured on Dynapack Hub Dyno @ Rear Hubs.
96db @ 6000rpm, 101db @ 9000rpm
0-60 – 2.8sec
0.100 – 6.9sec
¼ mile – 10.93 sec @ 131mph w/slicks fitted

[Edited on 26/10/14 by jwhatley]

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posted on 26/10/14 at 08:25 PM Reply With Quote
would love this, if only I had enough pennies
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posted on 27/10/14 at 08:34 AM Reply With Quote

Having been in johns car on several occasions I can confirm what a beast of a car this is from head to tail,by a country mile the fastest accelerating car I have ever been in & top spec parts used throughout,you will not be disappointed!

I am a driving god!..........sort of

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posted on 27/10/14 at 02:36 PM Reply With Quote
Made the decision then John? Its going! Nice to meet you Saturday, what a day.


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posted on 28/10/14 at 02:20 PM Reply With Quote
As requested by a number of people, a better set of photos.

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posted on 15/11/14 at 01:16 PM Reply With Quote
As requested by a few people - Power curve

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posted on 22/12/14 at 05:23 PM Reply With Quote
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