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Author: Subject: WARNING - D40 Navara Owners

posted on 23/4/16 at 11:41 AM Reply With Quote
WARNING - D40 Navara Owners

First of all, appologies for the rather long post!

I'm not sure if there are any members that have a Nissan Navara, specifically one that was made between 2006 and 2010, but if there is, here is a heads up for you.

Back in September I had a problem with mine, part of the chassis where the fuel tank is fastened too had rotted away and the fuel tank fell off.
I contacted Nissan and took it in for an inspection at a local dealer. Here I was told that the problem was not their fault (despite the vehicle having a 12yr corrosion warranty) and that I would have to fix it myself.
The guy who carried out the inspection said to me that the rest of the chassis looked in great condition for its age and there were no further problems, great!

Fast forward two months.
I am under the rear of my truck changing the rear diff oil when I notice a prettttty large hole rusted into the cross member right above the rear axel.

I contacted Nissan again and told them their previous inspection was crap and that I wanted it redoing properly, with me present to oversee what they were doing. So they booked me in and a turned up only to find that I hadn't been booked in at all and that I would have to leave and get a booking sorted for another day.
So I kick up a bit of a fuss and stand my ground and eventually got it in the garage and up on the ramps.

I showed the mechanic where the problem was, which was fairly obvious, and then he starts looking around at the rest of the chassis, which in general looked to be in ok shap. Then he spots a bad looking bit of rust on the passenger side inside the wheel arch so has a feel and a poke, at which point his finger goes through the chassis! the whole bottom of the chassis rail is destroyed! And on the outside of the same part is more holes rusted into it and cracks in the steel!

He carries on looking and finds that a cross member above the fuel tank that it is fastened too has also completely snapped off at one end and moves up and down freely!

He carries on looking, and finds a large hole around the rear leaf spring mounting point!

Other than this, the chassis was fine!
So we go back inside and the manager tells me he has got his photos etc and will contact Nissan HQ and see what can be done, in the mean time I would have to take the truck home.
If anyone was to drive a vehicle in that condition on the road, there are an idiot. So I told them it was not safe to drive etc. After a bit of too and froing I ended up on the phone to the person I had been emailing at HQ who also said I had to drive it home as that was how I got it there (obviously not knowing the full extent of the damage). I asked him to send me a quick email just to tell me that the vehicle was save for me to drive, which he obviously refused to do and relised I was not going away. So a hire car was sorted for me to use while they investigated.

3 years ago in Australia the D40 was recalled due to chassis cracking problems
Last week in Ireland there was a recall due to chassis cracking
Yet over here, no recall! And the trucks were all made in the same factory!

9 weeks after leaving my truck with them, I finally got a reply with regards to a solution.

They made me 2 offers.

First up, a very very insulting cash offer to buy the vehicle off me (im talking less than half what we buy any car quoted!)

Secondly, 5000 off a brand new Navara (same spec as mine.... 35,000!!!!!!!)
Which would obviously turn a massive problem for them into a big bonus!

I have refused both offers and replied with my counter offers.

First, I want what I paid for the truck 9 months ago, 8000, not a penny less.

Second, I MAY consider a new truck if it is atleast half price.

Third, I keep the 2015 model that have given me to use as it is the same spec (almost) as mine.

No reply to that yet though.

My advice to anyone with a 2006-2010 D40 is to get under and give it a real good check! better still, take it to Nissan and get them to do it with you present.
If there are ANY problems, contact Nissan immediately and report the issues. Tell them your vehicle is not safe to drive and that you want it inspecting and a courtesy car suplplied to keep you mobile.
In my oppinion (and I'm pushing them to do it) they should be issuing a recall and checking every one themselves. There are thousands on the road and I would bet good money that most are not aware of this yet.
They may try getting out of paying up with things like lack of service history... there is no mention in the service manual of a chassis inspection. Every year the vehicle has an MOT which does include a chassis inspection for corrosion etc
Do not repair the vehicle yourself, I'm sure they will use this as a get out clause!
Set yourself a limit of what you want and do not back down until you are 100% happy with the offer made to you.

I understand that vehicles rust etc, but this is severe, the photos dont do it justice! 90% of the damage on mine could not be seen at all, theyre just rotting from the inside out. And the cracks are getting pretty common! (check inside the passenger wheel arch, where the rear tub bolts on).

These trucks are rated to have 1tonne in the rear bed, and tow up to 3.5tonnes! If I had done that with mine there would have been a nasty accident!

There is a Facebook group set up for this, with 1500+ members so far.

This thread is handy to keep an eye on too

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posted on 23/4/16 at 12:34 PM Reply With Quote
Have seen lots of them with the same problem go on youtube and look some are in 2 parts they are that bad . Motor traders stay away from them for this problem
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posted on 23/4/16 at 12:46 PM Reply With Quote
you say you bought it 9 months ago ?,did it have a year,s MOT when you got it ?that lot didnt appear in 9 months ?

who cares who wins
pass the pork pies

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posted on 23/4/16 at 01:10 PM Reply With Quote
It appeared in 5 minutes! All looked fine on the outside until you start tapping and poking bits!

I cant believe no one has raised the problem with them before if it is a well known problem!
I heard from someone who said their garage repairs hundreds of these! I'm shocked that no one has mentioned it to Nissan before now and have 'happily' paid the repair bills themselves.

Just last week I approached two people to tell them that Nissan were most likely going to deal with the problem, both of theirs had cracked too.

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posted on 23/4/16 at 02:10 PM Reply With Quote
From long held experience replacing over 100 Land Rover chassis, I would say that is just about beyond repair, without total replacement of the chassis. You are correct, there is no way on earth that vehicle is safe to drive in it's current condition.

Do you ever completely wash the mud off the chassis? In our experience, the mud holds moisture against the outside of the chassis and blocks drain holes, preventing internal moisture / condensation from escaping.

I have a 1959 S11 SWB Land-Rover that is still on its original chassis.

Good luck with your claim.


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posted on 23/4/16 at 02:24 PM Reply With Quote
Firstly that corrosion is shocking and fully agree that it's not in a good state to drive. I assume that your vehicle was produced between the 2004/10 dates you mentioned?

I don't think you'll be successful in some of your desired options as they seem a bit unreasonable.

Why would they give you the same price that you purchased it for, after you've had 9 months of use from the vehicle? I suspect any offer would include depreciation and use taken into account.

Also, your third request is pretty unlikely too, as you'd be gaining massively. I can't see them giving you a 2015 truck in replacement for yours (between 04 and 10); a 2015 truck seems to be about 20k still. How is that a reasonable request when yours cost 9k???!

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posted on 23/4/16 at 02:28 PM Reply With Quote
Holy cr@p!! That looks like a 30-40yr old Landrover chassis!!
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posted on 23/4/16 at 03:22 PM Reply With Quote
if this car was used hard on muddy roads or offroad but without any maintenance or regulary cleaning (power washer) underneath, the chassis (even it has 12y corrosion warranty) will look like that.

if you have bought the car at a dealer i would asume that the last mot was not done "properly"

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posted on 23/4/16 at 03:42 PM Reply With Quote
Used hard + put away wet + crap steel = knackered navara!

Very poor that but I don't think your doing yourself any favours taking it in for inspection caked in mud. Your giving them a get out. Good luck.

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posted on 23/4/16 at 06:12 PM Reply With Quote
Agreed, vehicle does not look as though it has had anywhere near the maintenance that I would have given it.

Any 3.5T Transhit that had been used hard and ignored in that way would be (is) in a similar state. I suspect I wouldn't get anywhere with Fraud with the rusty Transhits that I've had (have), but perhaps I should try. Outlay, though is usually only 950 or so, so perhaps not worth the hassle.

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posted on 23/4/16 at 07:40 PM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Nickp
Holy cr@p!! That looks like a 30-40yr old Landrover chassis!!

LOL, You've never owned a Disco 2 I would guess!

A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.

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posted on 23/4/16 at 07:52 PM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Nickp
Holy cr@p!! That looks like a 30-40yr old Landrover chassis!!

My 43 year old landy looks better (so far... Will see how it goes in the coming weeks)

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IVA manual link

don't write OT on a new thread title, you're creating the topic, everything you write is very much ON topic!

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posted on 23/4/16 at 08:23 PM Reply With Quote
WoW that's bad for a modern vehicle .

Bought a rusty 1970's Range Rover a long while ago and even after 20 years of ownership, was never that bad.

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posted on 24/4/16 at 08:19 AM Reply With Quote
that will have been a farmers motor. pee and poo from farms rot them big time, saw a three year old nissan pathfinder with holes recently that spent all its time on a dairy farm
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posted on 10/5/16 at 10:03 AM Reply With Quote
Anyone who is interested,

Nissan are offering new chassis to affected owners. Looks like they now admit there is a fault.

I'm just waiting to hear what the dealership are doing about my paint work that they destroyed before agreeing to the chassis swap.

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