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Author: Subject: Thoughts of building a indy S2000....

posted on 13/10/19 at 06:24 PM Reply With Quote
Thoughts of building a indy S2000....

I built a indy R with R1 engine almost 10 years ago, which was great fun, but had to sell in 2014.

Ive had a 2001 S2000 for the last 4 years, which is now redundant as ive just bought a 2017 Mustang GT

Since the S2000 is a Cat D and really needs a respray, its not worth that much.
However I know the engine/box etc is good.

So have had this idea of putting it in a 7, as it would be pretty awesome

Having had a look at the MK website it appears its now no longer owned by Danny, and offer a whole host of different options.....

It seems the RX5 uses MX5 donor parts rather than the Sierra, so assume these are much easier to get hold of/cheaper.

Also looks like they offer the S2000 fitment as an option, so shouldn't be too difficult to get the motor to fit.

Im trying to workout a budget.....

I assume the best way would be to strip down a MX5? what bits are needed?

Anyone with any advise with an S2000 Indy?


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posted on 13/10/19 at 07:54 PM Reply With Quote
Chris Mason built a S2000 Mk Indy back in 2006/7 lots of problems along the way, but Chris over came them all, very quick car, 12.2 1/4 mile time😎
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posted on 13/10/19 at 08:49 PM Reply With Quote
If you give the lads at MK a call, they also make an S2000 chassis with ford running gear and the S2000 diff. They have an S2000 to ford labro drive shaft adapter.

If you watch their latest video, they have an S2000 car in their workshop and also have another car they’re just doing a conversion on.

I’d be tempted to go and see them and get a ride out in their S2000.

Because the S2000 uses a 4:1 ratio diff, this is the same as the MX-5 so you could go either Ford or Mazda with this.

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posted on 18/10/19 at 11:23 AM Reply With Quote
Chap I came across on a track-day had a Westie S2000 and boy was it fast!
One thing worth considering is to fit a properly baffled sump or dry sump it.
Evidently S2000's have been known to run their bearings on track due to baffling not being up to the job.
Cheers, Pewe10
PS V8's rule - mine a Bemmer 550I M-Sport Touring

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posted on 18/10/19 at 11:41 AM Reply With Quote
Old school friend of mine had a Honda S2000 for a while and adored it. He sold it when kids came along.

He now has a Golf 1.4 TSI GT (turbocharged and supercharged). He says it's OK, but not a patch on the S2000.

I suspect he'd prefer a 7 type car really, but has been told NO by her in doors.

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posted on 21/10/19 at 04:52 PM Reply With Quote
If you go MX5 based, you can easily pick up an MX5 with LSD for under £500. There are plenty of rust buckets about which are expected MOT fails.
I bought a 2004 Euphonic for £500 to build an MK RX5, sold a few bits and made back over £600 and I still have the engine and gearbox (which you could also sell) and hood (as I was keeping that for my brother's car). Cat converters for some models are very valuable scrap and you can get £200 for just that. I suspect if I sold the engine, gearbox and hood too, I'd be a four hundred pound up and I have all the donor parts I need.

Have a chat with the Neil or Sean at MK. I've always got the impression from them that they're happy to help with anything you propose. Top guys and one of the main reasons I chose MK.

This is the list of RX5 donor parts as shown on kitcardirect:

Mazda MX-5 mk 2, Engine & Auxiliaries, Exhaust Manifold, Gearbox, Propshaft, Differential, Driveshafts,Rear Uprights,Rear Hubs,Rear Calipers & Disks,Rear Handbrake Cable,Handbrake Lever,Steering Column, Front Uprights, Front Hubs, Front Calipers & Disks, Wheels & Tyres, Wiring Loom, Instrument Cluster

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posted on 2/4/20 at 01:07 PM Reply With Quote
I have just ordered an RX-5 S2000 so will let you know how I get on.

I can only advise you to head down to MK and see the guys. They are so helpful. They have an S2000 indy themselves which they can take you out in..... so fast.

Looks like one of the best optioned 7's I have ever seen to be honest.

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