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Author: Subject: Brake master and wheel cylinder sizes?
Mike Wood

posted on 21/6/20 at 07:41 AM Reply With Quote
Brake master and wheel cylinder sizes?


What are the bore sizes please for Ford front brake calipers (MI6 and standard) and MkII Escort rear brake wheel cylinders please as used in the original book Locost?

And what might be in a 'typical' 750 MC 1300cc Crosflow Locost racer? Part numbers for wheel cylinders, calipers and rebuild kits would be great! (They Lockheed, Girling? Ford/Moprod/Lucas etc numbers?). I do realise Locost builds and parts used vary.

I am building up a project hillclimb rolling chassis and planning on using twin Girling remote brake cylinders with a balance bar with SVA compliant level sensors in the fluid pots, but I have not got a staring point for what size master cylinders I should be thinking about and not yet pulled the front or rear brakes so cannot measure the cylinder bores.

I am coming from British Leyland/BMC land (Spridgets and old Minis and Landrovers) so Ford part numbers and who were the OE parts manufacturers and suppliers for Escorts etc are all a mystery to me. And why that Ford Crossflow tuning book is made of very expensive unobtainium!

I am aware of Burtons, Powertrack Brakes, Merlin Motorsport, Raceparts, Trident Racing Supplies, MEV Spares, Coasting Ltd and Pastparts as useful sources of Girling and Lockheed brake bits. Any other handy suppliers out there?


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