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Author: Subject: Weber DCOE Advice

posted on 9/5/21 at 03:56 PM Reply With Quote
Weber DCOE Advice

Hi folks,

A bit of advice please. As the car is unfinished and I only start it occasionally, my carbs became so gummed up that last time I came to start it there was fuel peeing out of all four trumpets onto the workshop floor.

So I've stripped one down and cleaned it up. However, I noticed one hole on one side is still bunged up and I cannot work out if it goes anywhere. The equivalent on the other side seems clear and I assume the blocked one has had fuel in it to become blocked? I can't easily clean it out though.

See the holes in the pics marked with a scriber. The gasket has holes too but there is a closed off casing sitting above each hole as if there's an option in the casting. Don't know if these holes act as a reservoir for one of the jets or are there for options in the casting?

Also, I had the carb in the ultrasonic tank a couple of times. Will this have taken the grease out of the butterfly spindle bearings. I believe they're sealed but don't know how well?

Pics in archive under Weber.



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