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Author: Subject: Wall fixing advice

posted on 7/6/21 at 09:37 AM Reply With Quote
Wall fixing advice

Hi all, Off topic question!

I have to hang a double kitchen wall cupboard onto a plasterboard and breeze block wall.
the cupboard currently has quite a bit of weight in it, and I'm wondering what would be a strong enough fixing for it?

I looked at chemical anchors, but they look a bit too big for the cupboard hangers. I'm worried that mechanical expansion type bolts would split the block work, (especially if I'm close to the edge of a block)

any recommendations?



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posted on 7/6/21 at 10:05 AM Reply With Quote
Normal Rawl plugs should be fine for a Kit Cupboard. A regular plastic 8mm plug with 32mm embedment will take over 200kg per plug in most brick/blocks.

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posted on 7/6/21 at 01:14 PM Reply With Quote
I had to do exactly the same a year or so ago. Fixing kitchen wall units to a wall that was block work with dot and dab plasterboard covering.

Searched for a while and found:

I used M6.

They came with the Allen key and masonry drill bit. They're easy to install and the cupboards have been up and SWMBO has them loaded to the brim. They hold really solid and fit the kitchen cupboard mounting brackets perfectly.


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posted on 7/6/21 at 09:02 PM Reply With Quote
In my opinion, you want at least 70mm of fixing on the block, and thick enough to resist bending. I use 100mm concrete screws. They screw straight in to the block without a plug. Just drill 6mm hole for it. It can be quite large for the hole in the wall plate, but usually manages. Obviously take care not to overtighten, as the plasterboard will just collapse.

Many manufacturers use full width bars specific for each unit width, to eliminate twisting and reduce the chance of it falling into the board.

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posted on 8/6/21 at 07:05 AM Reply With Quote
Take a sharp knife and cut a couple of 8 inch square holes in the plasterboard so you can see the blocks. Cut a piece of decent plywood to fit in the hole…id guess around 19mm. use suitable concrete bolts to fix the plywood to the wall plus no nails if you’re worried. Then screw the cabinet hanger direct to the plywood.

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posted on 8/6/21 at 09:47 AM Reply With Quote
thanks all I knew the locostbuilder forum wouldn't let me down!


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