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Author: Subject: Fireblade 954 parts

posted on 1/8/21 at 12:35 PM Reply With Quote
Fireblade 954 parts

Iíve amassed a pile of 954 engine parts over the past few years and now need to make space. I wonít list everything individually, so please contact me if youíre interested in anything and I can send pictures. There may be commonality with the 929 engines but I canít say for certain.

I have two full engines as below, no issues with both gearboxes:

1. In pieces. I bought this with a crack in the block (there is a thin bit of casting between 2 cylinders on these) but it had been refreshed just beforehand with apparently 20 minutes run time. I therefore believe this has new piston rings etc. Everything other than the block looks to be good and is broken down in various boxes.

2. Complete engine with the head removed some years ago. This was running in my car but I had it out to do some other work on the car and was careless about taping up the ports and some debris got in without me noticing. The cylinders therefore have some bore scoring and it was burning oil. Everything else was fine. It could possibly be re-honed or bored out, but I will split it for parts.

3. Set of throttle bodies and injectors. Potentially useful as a spare or for car engine ITBs?

4. Original airbox.

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