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Author: Subject: duratec oil sump flange drawing?

posted on 7/9/21 at 08:32 AM Reply With Quote
duratec oil sump flange drawing?

I have a side track build where I am putting a duratec 2.0 in an older Fiat due to the original engine going bad.

The thing is that I need to make a custom oil sump for this as I need to clear the crossmember. I found some older posts with someone making oil sump kits but I am not getting any replies from this person.

Does anyone have an accurate drawing of a Duratec 2.0 sump flange? I would like to get this laser or water cut locally. Alternatively if someone knows where I could buy a flange or sump kit.

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Pete Jordan

posted on 7/9/21 at 09:22 AM Reply With Quote
Hi Rug,

I too have a 2 litre Duratec, which I'm putting in my MK Indy. I did manage to contact Flak Monkey, who used to sell the sump kits and bought the rights to make two kits. I cannot give you the drawings I'm afraid because the condition on my buying them from Flak Monkey was that I would not pass them to anyone else. Flak Monkey did however agree to let me make one kit for myself and one to sell on to offset the cost of my sump, so I do have a complete kit, with everything needed to make a fully baffled, gated shallow (75mm deep) sump. If you are interested in buying the sump kit send me a U2U.


Pete Jordan

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posted on 7/9/21 at 09:08 PM Reply With Quote
Take your standard sump and draw round the mating surface…

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posted on 8/9/21 at 05:54 AM Reply With Quote
Yes, that might work but it is really hard to create an acurate 2D DFX sketch for the local water/lasercutter from a drawing on paper. Getting bolt holes correct since they are not in straight lines is not trivial (atleast not to me). That's why I ask. So much higher chance of success if I can use something already tried and tested

I'm in contact with Pete to see if we can get his extra sump kit sorted

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