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Author: Subject: Car Valuations (not kit)

posted on 10/11/21 at 07:29 PM Reply With Quote
Car Valuations (not kit)

Hi All

My Dad (90 next week) had a bump in his car today (doesn't appear to be his fault and his driving is good despite his age). It seems the car will be written off (insurers have indicated this already) as it's damaged the front end, headlights, both front wings, possibly a door and with wheel / tyre / suspension / driveline damage on one side. Insurers have said they'll probably be phoning me in the next day or so with a settlement figure.

I'd like an idea of a value in my head before they phone: the car is 9 years old but with relatively low mileage (40k) and I'm guessing this would be reflected in the valuation. I've looked at some online valuations but these seem to be for average mileage cars (90 to 100k).

Can anybody suggest a decent site or way to achieve a suitable figure. I've trawled ebay etc for similar cars which has helped a bit.



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posted on 10/11/21 at 07:58 PM Reply With Quote
Sounds daft but webuyanycar are apparently offering strong money due to the second hand car shortage

Don't know if they allow you to amend the mileage on their quick quotes.

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posted on 10/11/21 at 08:50 PM Reply With Quote
Autotrader do valuations, or did when I wanted to value my car 6 months ago (should have kept it, worth 5k more today)

The 16 year old Honda Jazz I got from my MIL was hit up the rear a few months ago, tailgate and bumper. Writted off and I spoke to the engineer. He said they pay out on teh valuation of private, not garage, prices. I haggled him up 15% (only 50k, full honda history, family owned etc etc) and ended up with 1500 plus the car. Correct colour tailgate, plus nearly correct bumper cost me 80, plus I had to shove it through a fresh MoT to get it reinsured fully, so 125 all in. Happy enough with that.

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posted on 11/11/21 at 08:20 AM Reply With Quote
webuyanycar allow you to enter mileage & also adjusts for any pre accident damage which would be obvious to an assessor. I would take that as an absolute base figure, an insurance co. should be offering substantially more, ie reasonable market value, NOT distressed sale price, or auction price, which is still slightly above webuyanycar price - all the cars they buy go either straight to dealers or to auction, they are owned by British Car Auctions

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posted on 26/11/21 at 06:51 PM Reply With Quote
Hi all

Thanks for the replies and sorry for the delay in responding.

I used WeBuyAnyCar and Motorway to give me two figures which were really useful in the 'negotiations' - the insurance company paid out almost 1000 more than WeBuyAnyCar and lot more than my Dad expected.

Second hand car prices are really high right now though so finding him a replacement car (he still wants to drive at 90!) will be a challenge.



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