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Author: Subject: ADA Tracking Gauges

posted on 6/12/21 at 07:41 PM Reply With Quote
ADA Tracking Gauges

Does anyone remember the ADA tracking gauges?
They had aluminium laser cut plates-one per wheel with a steel tube that allowed them to orient against the wheel rim whilst the measurement panel could be levelled parallel to the floor.
The measurement panel had the toe printed on it so that the intersection of the string (from one wheel measurement plate to the other) would show the toe PER wheel.
Miles better than the Dunlop optical gauges because they measured the toe on each wheel.
I used them loads back in the late 90s but cant find any evidence of them existing anywhere on the net
Id be very interested in buying some if anyone has some lying around?

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Mike Wood

posted on 6/12/21 at 08:13 PM Reply With Quote
Yes, I remember ADA suspension set up gauges, but just remember their castor and camber gauge.

You can still buy an ADA castor and camber gauge:
And an ADA corner weight gauge:

I cannot find an ADA tracking gauge for sale.


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