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Author: Subject: Sylva stylus project

posted on 7/12/21 at 05:59 PM Reply With Quote
Sylva stylus project

Ok, I'm not sure about this but I'm toying with moving on my stylus project. Between major DIY commitments, family requirements and work I've barely touched it in the last 12 months (I also have a road registered striker which I've continued to use on sunny days and fettle periodically and that has taken precedence as it runs and drives already!). The stylus was intended to be a long term build and a slightly more practical car than the striker once finished but wondering lately whether I'd be better off letting someone else play with it and perhaps I'll revisit another build if/when things slow down in the future (hah!).

I have a full chassis and suspension (dampers springs and wishbones).
Inner tub bonded in place (and spare inner tub too)
Outer body
Front part of the body has been separated from the rear to allow for flip front (a la some of the others)
Doors X 4
Wet weather gear
Headlight covers
Couple of diffs with half shafts
Jag 3l aj30 V6 and getrag 221 gearbox
Lightweight ttv flywheel not fitted
Couple of steering racks (one quick rack I think) and various steering components.
Pedal box
Brakes front and rear
Boxes of various brackets and fittings for bodywork/doors etc, wipers, lights even. Might have some basic seats too.

Oh and I have the original sales invoice for the 'kit' elements and what there is of a build manual too.

Really needs someone with a little more time than I have to knuckle down and get it put together.

Needs windscreen, prop, wiring, ECU, exhaust and intake (I have exhaust headers and some intake parts), wheels.

I know I've spent more on the parts and they're worth more parted out but as time is my enemy at the moment I would let everything go for 2,000.

If there's no interest I'll try and spend some time on it at Xmas and once it's moving forwards again I'll probably feel more positive about it whereas at the moment its just a large paperweight and I'm struggling to picture when I'll have time to finish it!

Photos to follow
If you want anything else send me a u2u and I'll come back to you.

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posted on 7/12/21 at 06:24 PM Reply With Quote
The Facebook link goes to a private group which you need to join to see pics,assuming they are in the Maserati group the link goes to?
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posted on 7/12/21 at 06:41 PM Reply With Quote
Weird, try again:

I'll have to sort something else out in a minute that didn't work

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posted on 8/12/21 at 02:26 PM Reply With Quote
Try this link:

shared Google photo album

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posted on 9/12/21 at 04:31 PM Reply With Quote
Looks like a really good price.

Im pretty sure someone on either here or the SSC Stylus FB page has a completed V6 AJ30 car.

Personally id stick ITBs on it for the noise

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posted on 1/6/22 at 01:51 PM Reply With Quote
Nearly 6 months on and not yet been able to turn any attention to this to my frustration.

Would still be prepared to sell as is and probably would take 1,500 just to clear the garage and give me the space to maintain the striker and other cars which is more difficult with this lump sat in the way!

Perhaps I'll be able to play with it over the long weekend though!

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