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Author: Subject: Thoughts on remote brake bias adjusters?

posted on 31/12/21 at 11:30 AM Reply With Quote
Thoughts on remote brake bias adjusters?

My Locost is currently only used for track days. I'm not the original builder but it came to me with separate master cylinders on a balance bar but no remote adjuster. It is currently locked with a split pin through a hole in a nut and the shaft. I guess that was done for SVA.
Due to engine management issues (now resolved) I only managed two track days in it this year. Now it is running well and I'm starting to get used to it I noticed that the brake balance didn't feel right. As it isn't currently road legal getting it set up in between track days isn't easy so I'm thinking if I go for a remote adjuster I can do a bit of trial and error while on track. The McGills kit is under 40 delivered and looks to be what I need.

Anyone got any thoughts?

I think I'll need to alter the throttle pedal mount to clear the adjuster but hopefully not in a major way!

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posted on 31/12/21 at 11:17 PM Reply With Quote
If I was pushing for lap time then I would 100% run one. Any change in track condition or car setup usually requires a change in brake balance, and its best tuned while driving around to get the turn-in balance spot on.

That said, I would strongly suggest running front and rear brake pressure sensors, a digi-dash, and a brake balance % display. Its difficult to track where your balance is and it has such a strong effect on overall handling it would be good to have an objective measure of its value over an event.

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Mike Wood

posted on 1/1/22 at 11:32 AM Reply With Quote
I would check over the brake system first, change and bleed the fluid, check for any leaks (including wheel cylinders in drums) or old hoses and change the fluid and think about what pads (and shoes) your are running and their condition. As well as condition of discs (and drums) and condition and pressure of tyres (as well as ball joints etc). So you have a baseline of a well operating system for any changes. You might want a new set of pads (and shoes) first, perhaps try a different compound.

If you are still on drums on the rear I am always surprised how poorly adjusted rear shoes can ruin the braking of the car (albeit my AH Sprite).

Bias bar bits:


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posted on 1/1/22 at 02:41 PM Reply With Quote
I have a brake balance and have done many track days.

I adjusted it when I changed pad brands and have not touched it since. I know it's heavily set to front (don't know exact %ages) and it's fine for dry or wet. So once it's set you won't move it really but I think it is worth while because my rears would lock up very easily if it was wrong.

Its easy to twiddle while on track and takes no more than a few laps to find the right place. I centralised mine and then kept winding forward until the back didn't lockup and felt stable when trailing into a corner.

Track days ARE the best thing since sliced bread, until I get a supercharger that is!

Please read my ring story:

Me doing a sub 56sec lap around Brands Indy. I need a geo set up!

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posted on 5/1/22 at 01:53 PM Reply With Quote
Why not run as is, or maybe with some front bias and use a proportioning valve on the rear line only?
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