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Author: Subject: Plumbing question - name that fitting!

posted on 7/1/22 at 09:35 PM Reply With Quote
Plumbing question - name that fitting!

Hi Folks,

Thought I'd poll the collective wisdom here before paying a plumber for something I could most likely do with the correct info!

I've discovered a leak in our airing cupboard - in what looks like some sort of adjustable pressure regulator on what I think is the cold feed to the storage tank. The stop cock on the pipe on the left has a tag saying 'hot water stop cock', and the isolator above it on the same line seems to be the filling loop for the heating I believe (it goes up to a pipe with a big red tank teeing upwards off it and then on to join a line that is hot and has a pump on it).

Can anyone put me straight on what the part actually is that I need to replace?





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posted on 8/1/22 at 09:36 AM Reply With Quote
Looks a bit like one of these - 3 in stock at my local screwfix although yours has an additional side outlet but I guess any old tee could relicate that?

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posted on 8/1/22 at 10:40 AM Reply With Quote
No manufacturer names and/or part numbers showing on the part you've got that's leaking?

Always take a good look over what you've got as it may lead you to what you need.

I've been into my local trade plumbing suppliers before with this kind of info and they've shown me the part I need and sometimes some advice on fitting it.

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posted on 8/1/22 at 12:12 PM Reply With Quote
OSO - Multibloc Inlet Control Valve

Heres a link

Shop around as you can probably get one for £60-£80

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macc man

posted on 8/1/22 at 04:46 PM Reply With Quote
Please be aware that the tank you have is an un-vented cylinder. This needs to be serviced on a regular basis
as it has the potential to explode if the fail safe measures are compromised. Unless you know about these cylinders
I would be inclined to get a certified plumber to do the work as it really is not worth the risk if it goes wrong.

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posted on 8/1/22 at 10:44 PM Reply With Quote
I agree with @macc man - assuming it's not had a full inspection for a while then it's definitely worth the peace of mind to get it checked over by a G3 (unvented) qualified plumber.

There are multiple redundant safety systems but if for example a pressure relief valve is stuck then that takes one of your safety nets away and you are one component failure away from an explosion equivalent to a stick of dynamite!

The pressure release valves are supposed to be activated at least annually to keep them from getting stuck but often when you activate them they don't reseat properly and you get a leak. Any leaks from these valves should be visible at the "tundish" which is a little funnel type device which lets you see water flowing across the air gap.

Another common failure is the pressure expansion vessel(s) where the rubber diaphragm breaks due to age and floods both side of the vessel rendering it unable to cope with thermal expansion.

Lastly, depending on the material used inside your hot water cylinder, there might be a sacrificial anode which is supposed to be inspected to maintain corrosion resistance. In our last house we had a cylinder with anode but it was simply not accessible in situ without removing part of the roof so after about 10 years since original installation the tank corroded to the point where it started to leak. Fortunately we heard the drips before it became a proper flood and had it replaced under a boiler cover policy. In fact we took out the policy about 6 months before the event specifically because both of our neighbours had had the same issue and we knew we were on borrowed time! Best £19.50/month we ever paid as it covered around £2000 worth of repairs!


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posted on 9/1/22 at 08:26 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks gents, Iíll get a pro in, I thought it might be possible to simply replace the cartridge having turned of the isolator if I could identify the part but thanks for the advice.


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