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Author: Subject: Ford gearbox differences
Mike Wood

posted on 18/1/22 at 08:36 PM Reply With Quote
Ford gearbox differences


What are the differences please in Ford rear wheel drive gearboxes in relation to the location and type of gearbox mounting points, overall length, arrangement of the mounting of the bellhousing to gearbox as well as input and output splines?

My reason for asking is that I have an 1100/1300 Type 2 gearbox with its integral bellhousing and mounts for it on my STM Locost chassis and wondering what else would directly fit?

Would an Escort Sport gearbox or Type 3 be a direct replacement and what would fit the chassis with some modification (Type E? [‘Rocket’]) or lots of modifications (Type 9?) and what mods would they be? What about a 2000E (bullet) gearbox?

I am Looking for something that would be an easy upgrade in terms of better ratios, then give me future options for possible engine swaps (so separate bellhousing and available different bellhousings for non-Crossflow Ford engines [e.g. Zetec] and non-Ford engines [e.g. Rover K Series) as well as stength. Happy with 4 speed and light weight, does not automatically have to be a Ford Type 9 gearbox.

I have seen the gearbox guides at:

I realise that most so-called ‘Bullet’ and ‘Rocket’ gearboxes strictly are not really such gearboxes in relation to their insides.


Does anyone have a bellhousing that mates a BL/BLMC/BMC A Series rear wheel drive engine (MG Midget/AH Sprite] to a Ford 2000E gearbox please?

Apparently CS Autoclassics made one, see:

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posted on 19/1/22 at 07:11 AM Reply With Quote
Burton Performance catalogue has a description of each gearbox input and output shafts.
Basically there are 2 sizes of input and output shafts and all bellhousing patterns fit all inline engines up to and including the Zetec.
V6 engines have a different bellhousing pattern and a longer input shaft
Diesel engines and Zetec S also have different input length.

Your Type 3 (and Type 2) will have a 7/8” 20 spline input shaft (I don’t know what the output to prop sizes are)
All other gearboxes from Type 5 to T5 will have 1” 23 spline input 35mm 25 spline output to propshaft.

The Type E 4 speed gearbox mount is further forward than the Type 9 5 speed.

Someone does a Type 9 5 speed to Midget and MGB conversion, you probably need to look in that direction.

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