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Author: Subject: Recent Newark car show.
Myke 2463

posted on 30/7/22 at 10:14 AM Reply With Quote
Recent Newark car show.

Normally there would be several posts on here about who is attending and places to meet, did anybody attend on the Saturday or Sunday ?

Disregarding the social side what are peoples views on this show in general, no bull just be honest it might help to improve things.

It would be nice to hear from any traders or exhibitors also.

I have no connection with the organisers, so if there are enough constructive replies i will contact them with your views.

Many thanks for your help, it's getting to a situation where we Use or Lose these shows.

Be Lucky Mike.

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posted on 30/7/22 at 10:56 AM Reply With Quote
The fact I didn't even see post on here about its existence says a lot
Not only that the footfall on LCB is waning and overtaken massively by various FB groups.

FWIW I didn't go, for fear of it being crap!
Having been to Stoneleigh this year, which also barely got a mention here, that was pretty thin, add in the new costs to get in (another conversation I know) and the current (meandering recession) it wasn't great and I'm sadly not sure they'll ever recover
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posted on 30/7/22 at 03:12 PM Reply With Quote

yes i was there on Sunday with the other half ..Was hoping to be there in my Stylus but the alternator on the car did not want to work( was not charging the battery) so it was off in the tin top.. for me there did not seam to be a lot going on.. we was there from about 10.30ish am and everybody seamed to be packing up and off home .. one unit for trade stand's and the auto jumble if you could call it that mined you there was some good stuff in there( was a little google eyed for new car) did manage to chat with a chap with stylus who had been camping there for the week end even he said that's all there so was a little disappointed really.. the last one i was at some year's ago there was more going on pity it nice and local for me.. the site has plenty of space for more so where is every body ..
regards ian

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posted on 30/7/22 at 04:54 PM Reply With Quote
I probably would have gone but I was away for g a Euro tour.

"A witty saying proves nothing" Voltaire

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posted on 30/7/22 at 05:20 PM Reply With Quote
last show i went to was Stonleigh a couple of years ago, the place was heaving, now it seems the kit car sceen is
dying, maybe due to cost, the new IVA...who knows
it will be sad if it does go

who cares who wins
pass the pork pies

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posted on 30/7/22 at 08:20 PM Reply With Quote
I would of gone but like most events, they fall on holiday weekends when I'm going on holidays myself.
Finger's crossed that I can make the CKC track day at Blyton Park on the 21st of August.

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posted on 30/7/22 at 10:30 PM Reply With Quote
I was there on Sunday, it is my local show so a good reason for a run over.

I thought the turnout of owners was disappointing given the number of cars there must be out there. It was similar at Stoneleigh. When I built my car 16 yrs ago, the shows were well attended and there were numerous trade stands and manufacturers. Clearly not the case now.

I agree, that the fact that there wasn't. even a pre show post on here is indicative of the state of the industry. It seems to be a shadow of its former self.

MK seem to be the only manufacturer trying to move the industry on, the new owners appear to be doing a good job of growing their business .

I don't know what the answer is, but unless something changes I can't see shows surviving.

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posted on 31/7/22 at 08:18 AM Reply With Quote
I went on Saturday with two other kit owners/builders in my tin top. It's about 110 miles away for me. I am used to going to the Normous Newark autojumbles so when I arrived at about 1015 I was surprised to see less than half the number of cars parked up that I would see at the autojumble events. We went in and I could see half the ground (everything to the left) was fenced off and there was only one hall it being the one on the right as you go in. We looked around the various cars there and whilst there were some really nice examples and also nice people no where near the number I had hoped to see. My own club (EAKCC) were doing a multi car trip on Sunday so there was only one car on our pitch and it had come from the same village as me! After a shorter time than I had expected it to take to get round we went to the main hall. It was good to see a number of kit car manufacturers there but not as many as I had hoped. What was a disappointment was the low number of traders. My car is not finished and I had hoped to see CBS and Rally Design and others. Whilst there were several there and I got some cutting discs, pcl connectors and cobalt drill bits that was it. One of our group got a 7 nose cone, scuttle, bubble screen and a pair of rear wings for his build at a good price but that was it for all of us.
Prior to going I looked at the Grovesnor web site and found very little infoirmation other than a vague map which didn't show what was in the hall only the site for evening entertainment. The Warwichshire show has lists of things such as attending traders. Grovesnor need to improve the information on their web site.
Overall, what I saw was interesting but not sure I am going to do a 220 mile round trip again next year without better being available, particularly traders.

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posted on 31/7/22 at 05:08 PM Reply With Quote
Would have been good to bump into you Ian. I would say another time but I don’t know if I will bother going again.
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posted on 31/7/22 at 07:49 PM Reply With Quote
Poorly advertised ?

If I'm honest I thought it had gone to the wall a few years ago

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Paul M

posted on 31/7/22 at 09:47 PM Reply With Quote
I went on the Saturday amd was actually quite surpised by the number of visitors - more than I thought and the atmosphere inside the (only )
exhibiton hall was good - I cold see and hear lots of people asking lots of relevant questions to the exhibitiors. Ok, its not as goos as it was-
I've been going to Newark since about 1998 so I've certainly seen it much busier. Great displays inside from GBS ( how far have they come since the Robin Hood days ???), MK , AK Sportscars - and XCS Designs - certainly didn't seem like a proper show without Westfield there - that indeed is a sign of the times. Like others have said, most disapointing thing was the lack of traders, only one tool stall, no Car Builder Solutions ( not at Stoneleigh either?), generally just very poor, but, I guess , if people are buying much ,much less kits then they used to , then there is a much smaller market to chase.
As others have said , we need to use the shows or loose them, need much more club involvement, its nice to actually go somehere in your car, park up with other similar cars and spend the day gassing to other like mided individuals about all these pointless money pits we are commited to.

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posted on 1/8/22 at 01:53 PM Reply With Quote
Never been to the Newark one.

Went once to the Stoneleigh one when I was building my MK Indy. Mainly to meet MK and collect my bodywork and be able to see several trade stands in one day to get parts.

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posted on 1/8/22 at 11:02 PM Reply With Quote
I missed it. I was at the last one before the hiatus and would go next year if it's still on. It's only 15 mins away.

Last time someone sighed and walked away when they were asking what engine I had in my MK and told them it was a turbo diesel, seemed to genuinely upset the guy!

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posted on 2/8/22 at 06:45 AM Reply With Quote
I missed it too - 15 minutes from me.....I had to go away to Dubai at the last minute. Ah well, hopefully it will be back next year...
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