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Author: Subject: Master Cylinder,

posted on 14/11/23 at 01:36 PM Reply With Quote
Master Cylinder,

My other toy, yes Im lucky I have 2 toys, is a 1973 Triumph Toledo, Fitted with a tuned 2.0 16v Vauxhall redtop. on ITBs, it is enormous fun and a bit of a sleeper, but its still on single circuit Master cylinder
It has better brakes, IE Vents and better callipers, but restricted by wheel size, I really do want to convert it to dual circuit, as it runs the stock Girlling MCcyl my issue seems to be space, or the lack of it, I have no room to fit a bias box, either inside or out, so Im looking for a dual circuit MCyl, about 7/8 bore or smaller, my issue is external space, the MCyl needs to be less than 6" or 150mm long, otherwise it hits the ITBs, everything I look at seem to be excessively long, somewhere there must be a shorter one that will do the job.
Failing that it will be mounted sideways and Ill machine up a rocker arm system, but that is far more work than I want at the moment.
Anybody have any suggestions for a shorter Mcyl?

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