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Author: Subject: Front Uprights...

posted on 23/9/14 at 06:24 AM Reply With Quote
An eccentric bush will allow kpi and camber to be altered but not caster angle.

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posted on 23/9/14 at 10:45 AM Reply With Quote
There is, of course the cut down Escort/Capri option, used extensively on Sylva/Fisher/Raw things. Crudely welded tube on top, with a balljoint screwed into that. Simple, cheap and I'm sure effective.
Scrub radius 'looks' better than the Cortina but then that may due to excess alcohol at the time of examination.

Raceleda made an alloy replicant of this arrangement, with what appears to be the balljoint just screwed into the top of the alloy upright. Again, this may be due to excess alcohol, but I couldn't see this was a good thing. I've seen plenty of Raw things screaming around with this set-up though, so it's clearly good.

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