Sold Avatar.jpg
Floor ready to fit.jpg.JPG
Diff position.JPG
Nose 1.JPG
XR4X4 Donor Car front.JPG
freshly painted.JPG
LSD Diff Before.JPG
Front hubs before.JPG
MK Indy5.JPG
Chassis 1.JPG
Chassis 2.JPG
Chassis 3.JPG
Chassis 4.JPG
Diff & Calipers.JPG
3Diff & Calipers.JPG
2Diff & Calipers.JPG
YZF R1 Engine.JPG
4Diff & Calipers.JPG
My Indy.jpg
Powder coated chassis.jpg.JPG
other bits ready.jpg.JPG
Painted prop & steering shaft.jpg.JPG
Painted prop & steering shaft.JPG
Painted prop steering shaft.jpg.JPG
Floor Done.jpg.JPG
brake pipes run.jpg.JPG
rear suspension.jpg
Diff in chassis.jpg.JPG
nearside suspension on.jpg.JPG
modded airbox.JPG
airbox again.JPG
Engine in.JPG
Engine in 3.JPG
driveshafts in.JPG
Pedal stops 2.JPG
Pedal stops 3.JPG
Brake pedal floor support.JPG
Nearside front brakes done.JPG
Rear disc and caliper.JPG
Side 1.JPG
Radiator 2.JPG
Looking better.JPG
Rear end.JPG
Interior panels trimmed.JPG
Long front.JPG
Load compensating valve.JPG
Matching up panels.JPG
Awaitng clutch spring mod.JPG
Airbox postion.JPG
Carbs fitted.JPG
Rad half connected.JPG
Rear brake lines.JPG
handbrake cable.JPG
rear brakes again.JPG
Baffle plate.jpg
Baffle fitted.jpg
Rear hub nut.JPG
Front wheel on to check clearance.JPG
Just need tyres now.JPG
Nokia Memory Card 003.jpg
Nokia Memory Card 016.jpg

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